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Clinical Directors

Michelle O'Grady - Practice Manager

Michelle O'Grady

Michelle O'Grady Practice Manager
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Richard A Bramley - Clinical Director

Richard A Bramley

Richard A Bramley VetMB, BSc (hons), MA, MRCVS Clinical Director
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Brian M O'Shea - Clinical Director

Brian M O'Shea

Brian M O'Shea MVB.NUI Clinical Director
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Martin Breen - Clinical Director

Martin Breen

Martin Breen Ba Agsc, MVB.NUI Clinical Director
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Veterinary Surgeons

David Woods - Veterinary Surgeon

David Woods

David Woods M.V.Dr,BAgrSc Veterinary Surgeon
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Kate Murtagh - Veterinary Surgeon

Kate Murtagh

Kate Murtagh M.V.B,BAgrSc Veterinary Surgeon
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Jonathan Hynes - Veterinary Surgeon

Jonathan Hynes

Jonathan Hynes D.V.M. Veterinary Surgeon
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Gemma O'Dwyer - Veterinary Surgeon

Gemma O'Dwyer

Gemma O'Dwyer Veterinary Surgeon
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Philip - Veterinary Surgeon


Philip Veterinary Surgeon
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Niamh - Veterinary Surgeon


Niamh Veterinary Surgeon
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Veterinary Nurses

Lynn Sheehy

Lynn Sheehy

Lynn Sheehy Ncert, VTCert, VPPCert(AnaesthNsg) Veterinary Nurse, Technician, Paraprofessional Certificate in Anaesthesia
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Niamh O'Brien - Veterinary Nurse

Niamh O'Brien

Niamh O'Brien Veterinary Nurse
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Jane Tyrrell - Veterinary Nurse

Jane Tyrrell

Jane Tyrrell RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Rachael - Veterinary Nurse


Rachael RVN Veterinary Nurse
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Support Staff

Christina Armstrong - TB Administrator and Large Animal Manager

Christina Armstrong

Christina Armstrong TB Administrator and Large Animal Manager
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Elvira Teimurova - Veterinary Care Assistant

Elvira Teimurova

Elvira Teimurova VCA Veterinary Care Assistant
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Aoife O'Callaghan - Veterinary Care Assistant

Aoife O'Callaghan

Aoife O'Callaghan VCA Veterinary Care Assistant
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Edward - Kennel Technician


Edward Kennel Technician
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Niamh Crosbie - Receptionist

Niamh Crosbie

Niamh Crosbie Receptionist
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Rebecca Godkin - Receptionist

Rebecca Godkin

Rebecca Godkin Receptionist
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Chloe Kehoe - Receptionist

Chloe Kehoe

Chloe Kehoe Receptionist
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Alex Brady - Receptionist

Alex Brady

Alex Brady Receptionist
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Aisling - Support Staff


Aisling Support Staff
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Orla - Support Staff


Orla Support Staff
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Lauren - Support Staff


Lauren Support Staff
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