Farm Animal Services

We offer a range of farm animal services in Wexford

Our farm animal services include:

  • Abdominal surgery – exploratory laparotomy, rumenotomy ( e.g. to remove foreign body, grain overload, chronic intermittent ruminal tympany) correction of left displacement of abomasum, correction of right displacement of abomasum, correction of right torsion abomasum, caecal dilatation and dislocation
  • Female surgery – caesarean section, vaginal and cervical prolapse, uterine prolapse, genital tract laceration repair, teat surgery – traumatic laceration repair, amputation
  • Male surgery – vasectomy, castration – open and closed, urolithiasis ( stone), preputial prolapse
  • Calf / young stock surgery – Hernia repair, exploratory laparotomy for foreign body retrieval/ investigation, tibial neurectomy for spastic paresis
  • TB testing
  • Herd health plans
  • Full investigatory service for all production diseases
  • Cow reproductive management -pre-breeding scanning, problem cow management
  • Pregnancy scanning
  • Infectious disease control and monitoring service
  • Nutritional troubleshooting and advice on feeding for health and fertility
  • Effective young stock management, including advice re parasite control programmes and supply of wormers
  • Vaccination – advice and supply
  • Calf Volostrum
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