Large Animals

We offer a wide range of large animal services in Wexford

At O’Shea Bramley & Breen we offer a wide range of services to optimise the health & fertility of your stock.  We offer cover 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  We aim to keep prices as competitive as possible whilst providing a high standard of veterinary care.

  • Herd health problems
  • Herd health schemes which include knowledge transfer scheme
  • BVD scheme & V Ramp Johnes disease
  • TB & Brucellosis testing
  • Blood testing for diseases such as Johnes disease, IBR, BVD, etc.
  • Call out for sick animals & emergencies
  • Bull fertility testing
  • Mastitis management
  • Sheep fertility & routine visits
  • POM & non-POM stock (in accordance to DEPT OF AG guidelines)
  • Retail shop of all large animal products at very competitive prices
  • In House Laboratory for routine haematology, biochemistry and worm counts we also have full access to outside laboratories which can provide us with quick results.
  • Post Mortems – Also we can arrange for post-mortems to be carried out in the Regional Veterinary Laboratory
  • Vaccination Programme
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